8mm / Super 8 Film to DVD or Digital (MP4)

Don't Let Your Memories Fade Away. Preserve Them Digitally Forever.

Convert film reel to a digital format and clean up picture quality, I can transfer your cine film onto USB stick or DVD.

I can transfer the following film formats:

  • Standard 8
  • Super 8

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Super 8 vs. Standard 8mm Film

Once you know what to look for, it’s fairly easy to distinguish Super 8 from standard 8mm film reels.

Standard 8mm film has larger, nearly square holes compared to the elongated, rectangular ones on Super 8mm film. As a result, the picture size on Super 8 film is larger, which likely equates to slightly better picture quality. In addition, the centre hole on Super 8 reels measures about 13mm in diameter compared to the smaller 8mm hole on standard 8mm reels.