Have you got Camcorder tape with lots of family memories? I offer a conversion service to save these moments (8 mm and VHS-C) to DVD / UBS

Camcorder tape conversion (8 mm and VHS-C) to DVD / USB as these tapes only hold a small amount of media compared to a VCR Tape I can put 3-4 tapes on one DVD depending on size of material on the tapes for €15 per disk with discount available for large quantities of tapes. Option to USB also available.

So don’t run the risk of losing your valuable recordings of family and special occasion’s and convert your Camcorder Tapes to Digital format. Camcorder tapes were only ever intended to hold information for about 10 years at most but in a lot of cases they begin to degrade even before this depending on storage.

Contact me for more information at 086-9969256